Cluster Desktop

work remotely

and control your computer

at no cost

with our free service

We created ClusterDesktop, because we believe that you should have the freedom to access your desktops,files and services from any device, just by using standard apps and at no cost.


You can control your PC from distance using any type of :


VNC ( client )

RDP ( client )

What is VNC

What is RDP


The usage of Cluster Desktop is really beneficial for your work, because we use an OpenSSH server, so that you can connect securely to your computer.

     What is OpenSSH


You say how many connections are opened to your computer

You can allow your friends / collegues
to connect to the same computer, in order to finish a project.

Or just finish a personal one.

Meet Your personal Cloud !

Make your work easier
and put your computer in your pocket.


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